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Lone Sage Outfitters - 100% fair chase upland hunts in Eastern Washington

Lone Sage Outfitters (LSO) LLC, offers guided wing shooting trips in Eastern Washington for fair chase wild birds to include: Chukar, Pheasants, Quail, Hungarian Partridge, and multiple species of Grouse. We also provide consulting/hosting for upland adventures abroad. At most of our properties we are the only hunters, ever. We value responsible game management to ensure that we hunt 100% wild birds. We are not a hunt club or hunting preserve, and we never seek liberated birds. We are getting back to basics and provide a true sporting experience.


Bird Hunting in Washington

At LSO, we feel there is no better way to enjoy the varied climates and habitats of Washington than pursuing upland birds with shot and shell. We have a special place in our heart for exposing newcomers to the joys of bird hunting. The future of access and protection of our lands and the animals lies in the hands of future hunters.

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Experience Washington Guided Hunts

Experience Washington Guided Hunts

Through years of experience, we have gained extensive knowledge of public lands, and know where to find the bird you seek. Additionally, we have access to over thousands of acres of private land where the hunting days are managed to ensure long-term avian sustainability, as well as unpressured birds to hunt. Our private parcels have all of the qualities needed for a thriving wild bird population: adequate food, quality cover, and permanent water.

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