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Why Lone Sage Outfitters?

Why Lone Sage Outfitters?

At LSO we have two main tenants: 1) Unplug from the daily hustle and bustle to enjoy the experience of the outdoors. 2) Expose hunters, especially the new and underrepresented, to the joys of wing shooting in a safe and nurturing manner. A day afield with LSO is not about “limiting out”, but rest assured we are committed to giving 100% all day, every day. We ensure the hunter is in position to be successful in whatever the means to the individual person, and to have as many shot opportunities as possible.

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In today’s world we are constantly bombarded by information. Whether it is social media outlets, or the 24/7 news cycle, we no longer have a reprieve from all that is happening in society. At LSO we use our time in the prairies as a way to unplug from the daily stressors and immerse ourselves in the experience. We seek a quieter place, not just for our ears but for our minds and souls. Don’t get us wrong, we love taking pictures to memorialize the great experiences we have outdoors, but we prefer to share those times post-hunt over a good cup of coffee, or a smooth bourbon, not amongst a cloud of hashtags.

The Future

The future of our uplands and its inhabitants, greatly lies on our shoulders as its stewards. It is our duty to educate and develop the next wave of hunters. We must share our knowledge of the how to, in addition to the why we respect the land and the game in which we pursue. Reading a book or surfing the internet is a great start down the hunting road. However, that alone cannot capture the feeling of anticipation when you walk past your canine partner who is locked on point, every muscle in his body quivering with tension. Then the immediate surge of adrenaline when a covey of 20 Chukar erupt at your feet, rocketing away at light-speed in every direction. This is just a taste of why we hunt.

If you can appreciate beautiful landscapes, hardworking dogs, professional and friendly guides, and bountiful bird populations, then we are your outfitter. We invite you to take trip with us, unplug, and live the true, total experience that hunting is meant to be. This is the LSO way.